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ACCESS ORTHOpaedics - Orthopaedic Emergency Centre 

Indooroopilly  PH: 1300 693 722

In addition to Dr McAuliffe's standard private practice he does some sessions at an emergency orthopaedic clinic in Indooroopilly, ACCESS ORTHO.

The goal of ACCESS ORTHO is simple; to provide timely, expert and caring advice in one location to anyone with a suspected or known fracture, sprain or strain.

Please note you do not need a referral to attend the clinic. If you or your GP suspect a fracture or significant sprain following an injury you are welcome to call the clinic on 1300 693 722 and they will arrange for you to be rapidly assessed. The clinic will order necessary x-rays and any other required radiology. A treatment plan will be established in direct consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon. The clinic will provide all non-surgical care including all follow-up until you are fully healed. The clinic offers casting, splinting, moon boots, crutches and slings that are required for the non-surgical care of your injury.

Any patient requiring surgery will be referred to a surgeon of their choice or one that is specialised in their particular injury and is located in a convenient location for the patient. The clinic will streamline this process to ensure you are seen by an Orthopaedic Surgeon in a timely manner.

COSTS: To attend the clinic for urgent immediate care - $115.

To visit the orthopaedic specialist clinic (2 clinics per week) $170 (medicare rebate with referral approx $73)

Splints, plasters etc an additional cost

Don’t hesitate to call the clinic if you have a concern. Let ACCESS ORTHO put your mind at ease.  The helpful staff are happy to talk to you and will help you navigate the healthcare system during times of injury.

Services Offered at ACCESS ORTHO

ACCESS ORTHO - Your Orthopaedic Emergency Center for the following injuries

Please note, if you have the following in addition to an acute orthopaedic injury you are best to attend your nearest hospital emergency department

Call: 1300 693 722

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