Lower Limb Fractures

Hip, knee and ankle fractures are very common injuries in our society.  Fractures will typically heal without surgical treatment. 

Surgery is almost always employed in the treatment of hip fractures to ensure that patients have better pain relief and can regain their mobility as rapidly as possible which is very important in these patients who are typically older. 

Knee and ankle fracture surgery is usually required to improve the position of the fracture, help alignment of the lower limb and ensure a smooth joint surface.  Crutches are usually required after these injuries for a period of between 1 – 3 months depending on the injury and the surgery undertaken. 

Your exact treatment and rehabilitation plan will be highly dependent on the type of injury and will be discussed with you in detail at your consultation.  We recognise that fractures often require urgent treatment and we therefore make every effort to see patients on an urgent basis for these problems.