Dr McAuliffe’s main area of expertise is Total Knee Replacements. Each year Dr McAuliffe does around 130 Total Knee Replacements. Of interest the Australian National Joint Registry notes that only approximately 8% of surgeons undertake more than 70 Knee Replacements each year. The high numbers that Dr McAuliffe does allows ongoing expertise and refinement of technique. 

As a member of the Australian Knee Society Dr McAuliffe can keep up to date with the latest research and developments in this field. He is actively involved in several research projects regarding Total Knee Replacement surgery.

Dr McAuliffe’s current research projects are;

  • Reviewing the influence of surgeon caseload on the likelihood of developing post-operative infection after a total knee replacement.
  • A detailed examination of all Australian patients under the age of 55 who have undergone knee replacement surgery to see how long their knees will last before needing to be re-done and the reasons why these knees require further surgery.
  • Other research he is involved in focuses on the use of patient specific cutting guides and preoperative computer plans for total knee replacements. These projects are specifically focusing on how to make the soft tissues around the knee more individually suitable for a patient.
  • His Phd is due for completion in 2020 and is currently being compiled. This is addresses how osteoarthritis and knee replacement surgery effects the soft tissues of the knee. This area is vital to the successful outcome of a knee replacement.

Dr McAuliffe travels at times throughout the year to meet with surgeons worldwide to discuss treatment and surgical ideas.  Of note in the last few years he has been invited to travel to Baltimore, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Phoenix and Belgium, Verona, Lugano and London. Each of these trips allows for peer review and valuable learning which he implements into his own practices. 

Dr McAuliffe regularly presents at peer reviewed conferences and has multiple peer reviewed publications.