Surgical Fee Structures

Dr McAuliffe operates at St Andrews Private Hospital Ipswich and the Mater Private Hospital Springfield.

After your consultation, if you require an operation our staff will give you an itemised quote providing you with a detailed estimate of the costs.

Your out-of-pocket costs will depend on: What type of surgery you need, What surgical item number/s are used, Where you have the surgery and What health fund are you with.

Every operation has a different item number and fee and each health fund has a different fee schedule and policy for payments. It can be very difficult to understand how each health fund works so our staff will explain this to you. Don’t hesitate to ask further questions and we strongly advise talking to your health fund about all costs you may incur, such as a hospital excess, before you have your operation.

Dr McAuliffe has two main goals for his practice. Firstly to provide top level care. He achieves this by undertaking a great deal of research, by visiting surgeons world wide and by constantly auditing his outcomes.  His second goal is to keep surgical care affordable. As a practice we hear patients discuss the very high costs they hear some practices charging. Each practice sets their own fees. Medicare and the health funds rebate a set figure to the surgeons, costs above this are dictated by the practice and the amount they feel the procedure is worth and their outgoing costs. Therefore you will find a large range in prices for the same procedure between practices. As mentioned health funds all vary the amount they pay the surgeons. To achieve affordable care we utilise the following: (Please note any price noted below is subject to change and can vary depending on exact procedures – please use as a guide only and call our practice for further information)

Many health funds offer a ‘Known Gap’ scheme and Dr McAuliffe keeps his prices within these funds dictated range, meaning the patient only pays the Gap – up to $500. Of the major health funds Medibank Private, HCF and Bupa have a known Gap scheme so for a Total Knee or Hip replacement the patient pays $500 (Note for HCF this is $400) to Dr McAuliffe and the remainder is covered by your insurance (The health fund includes the medicare portion). Some health funds do not offer a Known Gap Scheme and have set a fee for the surgeons to charge, if the surgeon charges more than this fee the health fund will refund the patient a smaller amount, these are called NO GAP schemes.  For a very small amount of funds (typically smaller and less common funds) Dr McAuliffe does not participate in the Known or NO GAP schemes. You are welcome to call us to ask about costs for your particular fund. In all cases the practice staff will inform you of your costs and options

It is worth remembering that private health insurance helps greatly with your hospital expenses but their level of support for your surgical fees varies greatly between funds. Your co-payment / GAP is required to be paid three days before your operation. If for any reason your operation is canceled or delayed we will refund your full payment.

Please note it is our practice policy to keep your surgical fees affordable and Dr McAuliffe tries to do this at all times.

Dr McAuliffe uses NARKOS for his anaesthetist. For all privately insured patients currently there is no co-payment required, please note this may change at any time but you will be notified of any costs prior to your procedure.